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Modul8 wins £1M in new projects since start of year

Our new strategy is delivering significant results with significant growth in new project wins and £1M in project values won since the start of the year.

Diversification has been the key to this success given the economic challenges faced by our traditional client base in the Oil and Gas sector.

An increased focus on the Public sector, in particular Education, has led us to a number of Schools and R&D campus project wins. Other projects have come from Main Contractor partners over a wider geographical spread and through a growing recognition of the quality of their products and installation expertise.

Andy Davie of Modul8 says “Our approach to winning work has always centred on supplying and fitting great products. We are now aiming to ensure that our experience and capabilities are available to a broader range of clients, including Public Sector who have a higher number of projects which involve our product range over the next few years.”