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Demountable and Relocatable Partitions

Demountable and Relocatable Partitions by modul8


Office layouts and space plans can change constantly due to company expansion or changing personnel requirements.  To accommodate this change rooms need to be modified without the need for demolition or increased waste disposal.

New office fit outs need to be designed with BREEAM, LEED and SKA assessment in mind to ensure the building is sustainable. 

Demountable partitioning allows complete flexibility so that the office layout can change quickly and easily re-using the existing components.

Our systems can be taken down and put back up again without creating waste and landfill and provide a sustainable and low environmental impact solution for your work environment.

If you are designing a new building, demountable partitioning will greatly contribute to the BREEAM rating and SKA assessment of your fit out due to its sustainable and re-usable nature.

Not only that, it looks good, and provides a high quality image with the “wow” factor.