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Manifestations, Blinds and Walltalker Vinyl

Manifestations, Blinds and Walltalker Vinyl by Modul8


Got frameless glass partitioning, but don’t want people to walk into it by mistake, or want to make a design statement along with providing some privacy for the room.

Glass manifestations are applied to the glass to provide everything from minimum compliance with Building Regulations section 14 and Document M 2004 right through to full company logos or crazy designs. The Aberdeen Journals wanted every font they could think of, as they publish newspapers. The only limit is your imagination.

Integral venetian blinds are also a great way to achieve temporary privacy in a glass room. We install blinds in the cavity of double glazed partitioning, and you can even get them with remote controls.

Ever wished you could use a dry wipe pen on your partition wall for presentations, workflows, ideas, bullet points, meeting notes? Ever wished you could also use magnets to stick up charts, maps, illustrations, drawings, photos, work schedules?

Well now you can.

By using Tektura’s range of Walltalker products, we can convert your partition wall into a presentation tool.

Walltalkers come in three ranges – Write-on, Magnetic/Write on, Write on/Project on depending on your application, and can cover a whole wall or just part of a wall.

All of the Walltalker ranges are fully compatible with our partition systems or can be installed on your existing partition walls